first attempt at 01M rebuild
I am about to attempt my 2nd auto transmission rebuild. I am a student in the BYUI automotive program. My first rebuild was at school last year, it was a 45 RFE. I am going to attempt this rebuild in my garage.

I know that these units have caused others a lot of grief. So I have come looking for advice on what I should replace, what brands to use and which suppliers to buy from.

The issues I have right now is 2-3 shudder, lock-up clutch slippage, and the ring gear on the torque converter is ground down so far that the starter cant engages it. I suspect that my starter solenoid caused the starter gear to not engage the ring gear enough which caused it to grind away. I have a brand new starter and still will not engage.

here is a list of what I think that I should do

replace the torque converter

replace steels and frictions

replace piston seals

replace 2-3 solenoid

install transgo shift kit to improve torque converter lockup
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