Superflow's SuperShifter
We have had Superflow's SuperShifter for about 5 years and it's a pretty cool tool. It shifts all the PWM-type solenoid transmissions whereas our TranX 2000 did a poor job. This unit is really the motherboard to Superflow's transmission dyno, with a handheld device to where you can road test the vehicle and draw a line in the sand and determine if the problem is INSIDE -or- OUTSIDE the transmission.

It's a "go, no-go" type of test tool. The solenoid test is automated. It runs through all the solenoids and it knows what the ohms and amps should already be based on temperature. It gives either pass or fail results without having to look anything up.

It's flight record mode is similar to Snap-On's movie but it is much longer. It can record up to 2 hours of road testing and get this: It records in a built in MS Excel format that you can download through either a USB cable or thumb drive! How cool is that?

Here's us working on the unit and me explaining it to our builder:

Here's more about this great tool to keep the guess work to a minimum:

Here's where we caught an erratic Input Speed Sensor (ISS) on a BMW that drove us crazy. Believe it or not, I shot this with my phone; I forgot my camera. We bought 3 sensors before we figured out the problem, but we would have never figure it out without the help of the SuperShifter. We learned the ISS is NOT input. It's the sun gear. :-(

Warning: 7 minute video.

J. Larry Bloodworth
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