2007 DODGE RAM 2500, 48RE

By: Mike Bishop On: 11/05/14



2007 DODGE RAM 2500, 48RE

Vehicle Information

550000 kilometers
5.9 L
4 X 4

Problem Information

no 4th
all the time
rebuild out a year ago. all worked perfect until yesterday


no 4th. no pressure at the o/d pressure port. line pressure normal. solenoid checks out electrical and is getting turned on. (used current clamp and scope). replace solenoid assembly and went through vavle body. no difference. removed o/d unit. no problems found. resealed o/d piston anyeway. air checks perfect with v/b removed. currently looking for a valve body but would really like to find problem. so far follow worm tracks backward and all valves incountered look and work good. looked at hydraulic flow chart and this unit should have o/d. with valve body off used scan tool to command solenoid with air at it and it holds and relases air pressure as it should. just going to throw a valve body at it when I find one unless any one has seen this before

Problem Fix

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Vehicle Data
2007 DODGE RAM 2500

Mileage 550000 kilometers
Engine 5.9 L
Trans Automatic
Trans Type 48RE
Drive 4 X 4
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